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Chemical Regulatory Database

The ChemADVISOR® Regulatory Database helps you quickly access accurate chemical regulatory data on more than 600,000 substances to navigate regulatory compliance challenges and enable global market access for your products.

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Quickly find information on chemical substances and regulations

The ChemADVISOR® Regulatory Database, formerly known as LOLI (Lists of Lists), helps you gain regulatory intelligence – containing over 7,500 regulatory lists from over 130 countries around the world to guide you in world-class chemical safety, product management, and environmental stewardship, including Safety Data Sheet and Label authoring and compliance with occupational, environmental, health and safety regulations.

It's never been more important for the data that drives your business to be trusted and up-to-date.

With the increasing speed and volume of regulatory change, and the complexity of supply chains, having access to current and trustworthy data is an integral part of your business.

As government and advisory agencies (as well as advocacy groups and brands) issue their policies in many languages and formats, which are then dispersed online and via various physical mediums, ChemADVISOR® is your single and structured source for the substance-specific data points you need for hazard assessment and product compliance around the world. 

Providing the quality support you need

Hundreds of companies, including many household names and prominent government agencies, choose ChemADVISOR® to power their understanding of what’s in their products.

Our clients know that when it comes to compliance, cutting corners doesn’t pay.


Gain Global Market Access

Helping to ensure market access globally and for specific supply chain and retailers.

Sustainability for your business

Sustainability for your Business

Includes sustainability, green chemistry and hazard assessment.

Compliance documentation

Compliance Documentation

Creating required compliance documentation (safety data sheets, labels, and reporting).

Substance identification

Substance & Material Identification

Identifying substances receiving attention from advocacy and advisory groups.

Our data supports a diverse set of industry sectors

  • Food and beverages
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Specialty and lab chemicals
  • Paints and coatings
  • Pesticides and biocides
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Toys and children’s products
  • Textiles and clothing

How will this database power your software?


The database is delivered in SQL format via FTP download site.

The download comes with a full table mapping and description and is available in multiple formats.


The ChemADVISOR® API data access portal offers software developers RESTful web services to access ChemADVISOR® Regulatory Database.

The developer portal contains live documentation and copy/paste programming examples.

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Intelligent connections built-in

The information you need may be based on chemical families, a synonym or in a foreign language - but if you miss it, you’ll miss out. ChemADVISOR® is structured to link you to relevant data regardless of where you start your search.


Illuminator is an unparalleled combination of highly structured and intelligently linked data with an intuitive and personalized design, so you’ll find exactly what you need and get notified of change without all the noise.

Instantly tap into the power of ChemADVISOR® from anywhere.

SDS Authoring Content for SAP® EHS

Integrate trusted ChemADVISOR content, expert rules, templates, phrases and data into your SAP EHS module for SDS authoring. Get the content you need with options for global or regional content subscriptions.

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